Classique Catering's Everyday Meals

We offer a wide variety of daily meals listed below. We also offer specialised and customised meals for our clients. Our standard menu platters are listed below.

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Please do call us for or contact us for any queries and to place your orders.

We also offer a plating service where we supply a plate and food already presented for a small fee of R 15.00.

All orders must be placed 1 day in advance.

All items marked with a * are strictly vegetarian dishes.

Available everyday of the Week

Salad (Serves 2) - R35.00
Pappadums (4 Pieces) - R20.00
Chilli Sauce(90ml) - R12.00
Cans of Coca Cola - R9.50
Mini Aloo Paratha (1 Dozen) - R90.00
Salsa (Serves 2) - R30.00
Roti - R4.00/Roti
Achaar - R15.00
Fried or Grilled Chips - R12.00 pp
Potatoe Bake (Serves 5) - R 100.00


Butter Chicken and Naan - R65.00 pp
Chicken Curry and Rice - R50.00 pp
Mutton Curry and Rice - R60.00 pp
Leg Roast with Vegetables and Wedges- R300.00 Per leg Roast
*Green Beans and Potato Curry - R40.00 pp


Chicken Nuggets - R40.00 pp
Steak Curry and Roti - R65.00 pp
Cottage Pie (mince) - R 40.00 pp
T-bone (Grilled) with chips or vegetables - R 70.00 pp
*Grilled Hake with Lemon Butter - R 55.00 pp
*Branjil curry and Roti - R35.00


Macaroni and Cheese - R30.00 pp
Creamy Chicken and Chips - R45.00
Tandoori Chicken and Chips - R50.00
Mutton Curry and Rice - R55.00 pp
Masala Chops Grilled - R70.00 pp
BBQ Chops Grilled - 70.00 pp
*Mugni Dhal and Roti - R35.00 pp


Steak, Mash Potato and Vegetables - R55.00 pp
Mince Pilau - R45.00 pp
Steak Casserole - R60.00 pp
Chicken Corn Soup - R 25.00 pp
*Mugh Dhal and Roti - R 35.00 pp


Sojee - R25.00 pp
Mutton Akhni - R60.00 pp
Chicken Akhni - R45.00 pp
Mutton Akhni and Sojee - R70.00 pp
Chicken Akhni and Sojee - R55.00 pp
All Akhni comes with a tub of sour milk


Steak and Chips - R60.00 pp
Fillet Steak and Chips - R 90.00 pp
Prawns(Medium) and Chips - R260.00 per kg
Whole Roast Chicken and Chips or Vegetables - R 200.00