Classique Catering's Famous Savoury Platters

We offer a wide variety of savoury platters listed below. We also offer specialised and customised platters for our clients. Our standard menu platters are listed below.

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Ready Made Platters - Fried and Delivered. We also make up specific platters according to your requirements. Just call us for a quote.

Platter 1

Any savouries making a total of 3 Dozen
1 x chutneys (90ml)
Price R320.00

Platter 2

1 doz Mini Burgers
1 doz Mini Pizzas
1 Doz Steak Pies
1 Doz Chicken Springrolls
1 Doz Kebaabs
2 x chutneys (90ml)
Price R490.00

Platter 3

1 Doz Mini Hot Dogs
1 Doz Moons (Chicken)
1 Doz Samoosas (Chicken or Mutton)
1 Doz Pillows
2 x chutneys (90ml)
Price R370.00

Platter 4

1 Doz Samoosa (Mutton or Chicken)
1 Doz Pies (Steak or Chicken)
1 Doz Tortilla (Chicken or Steak)
1 Doz Sheesh Kebaab
1 Doz Puree
2 x chutneys (90ml)
Price R440.00

Savouries - Freezed and Ready to Fry or Bake. Minimum order of 4 Dozen only.


Chicken Samoosa - R50.00 per Dozen
Mutton Samoosa - R50.00 per Dozen
Cheese and Corn - R50.00 per Dozen
Potatoe Samoosa - R50.00 per Dozen


Steak Pies - R70.00 per Dozen
Chicken Pies - R70.00 per Dozen


Prawn Filling - R90.00 per Dozen
Chicken Filling - R70.00 per Dozen


Chicken Moons - R70.00 per Dozen
Prawn Moons - R90.00 per Dozen


Chicken Subs - R90.00 per Dozen
Steak Subs - R90.00 per Dozen

Mini Pizzas

Steak Pizza - R90.00 per Dozen
Chicken Pizzas - 90.00 per Dozen
*Vegetarian - R90.00 per Dozen

Puri Patha

Puri Patha - R70.00 per Dozen


Sheesh Kebaabs with Puri - R90.00 per Dozen
Chicken Kebaab - R70.00 per Dozen
Mutton Kebaab - R70.00 per Dozen